The Best Fashion Design Software on the Market

Whether you're simply curious about fashion design or you are thinking of enrolling in a fashion design course, understanding the software you need to use will be a crucial component of your studies. There are so many platforms and programs on the market that it can be challenging to decide which one best suits your needs. There is always more to learn and in the ever evolving world of technology, it can be hard to keep up with options that are out there, but fear not, this list has you covered. Below, we outline the best software for useability, pricing and efficiency.

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Adobe Illustrator

Adobe Illustrator is considered an industry-standard application for all levels of designers from students starting out to fully fledged experienced fashion designers. A thorough understanding of the entire Adobe design suite, which also includes Photoshop and InDesign, can be that crucial element that can help elevate your fashion design career.

The British Academy of Fashion Design (BAFD) is among the best fashion design schools in Britain and Adobe Illustrator is one of the preferred fashion design tools.


If you're looking for versatile fashion design software, you can't go wrong with CorelDRAW.

This software will facilitate the creation of everything from your first mood board to the most complex haute couture designs. It's particularly great for textile design and fashion illustration and you can even create your own mannequins!

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Gerber AccuMark

Those looking for CAD options should consider the Gerber AccuMark suite. Like Adobe Illustrator, it's an industry-approved application. The software consists of three core programs:

  • Gerber AccuMark 2D
  • Gerber AccuMark 3D
  • Gerber AccuNest

With Gerber AccuMark, you can take a garment from its initial idea stage all the way to pattern-making and on to cutting and printing.

However, this software is a little on the pricier side and may be beyond the budget of emerging designers.

Sketchbook Pro

Sketchbook Pro is created by the software company Autodesk. It's ideal for those who like applications that fall into the "techy" category. In other words, it boasts so many tools and features that can easily achieve a variety of different fashion styles.

One of the best features of this software is that COPIC colours are built into the markers. No more struggling with a clumsy colour-picker! It's also available in both mobile and desktop apps which can make all the difference when on the move.

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Finding Fashion Design Courses and Training for Software

The most attractive aspects of any software is ease of use, a broad suite of tools, flexibility, and subscription affordability. You may not be able to find a platform that offers everything in a single package, but programs like Adobe Illustrator come close.

The British Academy of Fashion Design has been producing leading fashion design graduates for over two decades. Our institute has IARC accreditation and is administered by Edexcel, owned by Pearson Education.

Are you looking for fashion design courses that will equip you for working in the fast-paced world of fashion? Peruse our industry-focused offerings.


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