How to create a mood board

When it comes to designing a new collection, one of the most important parts of the design process is the development of a mood board. Creating a mood board helps to explore the tone, gathers research on the latest trends and gives the designer inspiration for their own collection. So where should you start?

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Whilst a mood board is all about exploring, it’s also important to have an idea of the concept of your collection and the seasons' key trends – this way you’ll know what you want to achieve and the creative direction you’re going in. Here are a few key points to consider before you start:

The concept of your collection – what interests and inspires you? You can get your inspiration from almost anywhere, including nature, cultures, places and even current affairs. Consider the latest trends and any trend forecasts you’re aware of.

The colourways - researching the key colours of the season will give you inspiration when thinking about the colourways to use for your own collection.

The key shapes – it’s important to consider the seasons' key shapes when designing a new collection. Will your designs be tailored or soft? Perhaps they will feature dramatic sleeves, high waists or drapes. To get inspiration on key shapes, take a look at the latest catwalk trends.

The detail – as part of your research, you will note the latest trends when it comes to detail. Will your designs include fringing, embellishment or prints? It’s all in the detail!

The fabrics – designers often play a huge part in sourcing fabrics for their collections, so it’s important to research what fabrics you need, key textures for the season and where to get them from.


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The great thing about mood boards is that you can be as creative as you like. There are many resources available to use when gathering images and inspiration for your mood board. All you must do is make sure it inspires you! Some examples and ideas of possible resources:

The catwalks – fashion week is the perfect place to get inspired and forecast trends. Showcasing small labels and major fashion houses, the catwalk is always one step ahead of the rest. High street brands often look to it for inspiration when it comes to designing their own collections.

Street style – what’s incredible about fashion is that everyone has their own style and the freedom to interpret it in their own way. Why don't you gather some inspiration from the people around you?

Fashion magazines – magazines such as Vogue, Grazia and Tatler are constantly showcasing the trends. Whether it’s reporting on the latest fashion show, showcasing hero pieces or printing glossy campaigns from well-known fashion houses, a magazine is a great resource to gather your inspiration.

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Your mood board will play a huge part in the design process going forward – it will be your ‘go-to guide’ to ensure you are staying true to your research and concept. Do you have any other tips on developing an inspirational mood board?

Once you have completed yours, you are ready to begin designing your collection. Good luck!


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Written by: Ines Tome

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