Study options: Live Online Classes vs. Home Study

At the British Academy of Fashion Design, we offer accredited courses with different study options: Classroom-based, Live Online Classes and Home Study.

Today, we’re focusing on the differences between the Live Online Classes and Home Study courses to help you choose the right option for your goals and learning preferences.

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Live Online Classes vs. home study

Live Online Classes are structured in the same way as Classroom-based classes, with identical schedules and starting dates. Live Online is tutor-led learning, and classes are dynamic with a healthy mix of theory and practice to help you progress.

The tutor uses Whereby to deliver the class, sharing their screen to show presentations and demonstrate techniques. Tutors are available for questions throughout the class, and private breakout rooms allow you to have a one-on-one chat with your tutor or for group work and sessions with your fellow peers. With Live Online Classes, the tutor brings you through all the course material you need for your classes and assignments. 

If you want to choose Live Online Classes, go to the Classroom-based courses page and select Live Online from the class location menu.

Home Study is student-led learning. As a Home Study student, you can start your course at any stage, work through your assignments at your own speed and take time off when you need to. You can access video tutorials and comprehensive reading material on the Online Learning Centre, which you can review to reinforce concepts and theory.

The benefits of studying online with us

Choosing either Live Online Classes or Home Study means that you no longer need to worry about class locations. This frees you up to really focus on Fashion Design. Many of our students have commented on how easy it is to keep up with their studies without the added strain of a commute or bringing their equipment to class. 

We provide opportunities for students to connect and learn together using our Facebook Student Group and Student Forum. Students can help each other, ask questions or share ideas and exciting projects with their peers. This provides a fantastic networking opportunity. Some of our students have started businesses together, while graduates have recruited current students to work with them.

Read more about the benefits of online learning.

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Why the Live Online is best for me

  1. Online classes allow tutors to present material in a unique way. For example, when demonstrating drawing exercises with a camera and tripod, students can get an in-depth look at how certain techniques are performed. Because tutors deliver classes from their homes or offices, they can easily access equipment, books, and other materials to share with the class.

  2. Students and tutors can easily share links to articles and videos through the chat function during classes, meaning students have a list of additional resources at the end of each class.

  3. Even though Live Online classes have the same structure as the in-person classes, the number of attendees is smaller. Students can ask questions in real-time in the chat function, and the tutor will quickly respond.

  4. Tutors can use breakout rooms to offer one-on-one assistance to students if they need it. These rooms can also be used for group exercises.

  5. The Live Online classes have been adapted to include more visuals, and practical work is outlined in a step-by-step process, making it easy for students to follow.

  6. Deadlines are flexible with the Live Online Classes option, which means you can establish your own study schedule.

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Why the Home Study is best for me

  1. With our Home Study courses, you can study from anywhere, removing a lot of the stress from studying something new.

  2. Deadlines are flexible, which means you can start your course at any time and establish your own study schedule. 

  3. You can work through your assignments at your own speed and take time off if you need to.

  4. You have instant access to course materials, videos and other resources through the Online Learning Centre.

  5. You get an assigned tutor, support from the Student Services team and access to the Student Forum and Facebook Student Group.

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Learning as a Live Online Classes or Home Study student

Whether you are looking to become a fashion designer, learn the basics to design your own clothes or start a successful business, you understand the importance of qualifying in this field.

Both Live Online Classes and Home Study cover the same assignments, course material and provide the same level of qualification but are delivered in different ways.

Need course advice? Discuss your options with our experienced team to find the right course for you.

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Written by: Ines Tome

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